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Solo Young Pianist
‘‘Young Pianists volume 1’’ 1986.

Based on Armenian famous composer Komitas songs for children.
This music is published by ‘’Armenian National Music inc.’’
Performed by Astghik Ghukasyan in Komitas Museum in Armenia.

The full income of this publication goes to help the wounded soldiers from the last war in Artsakh.

We will publish all the participating teachers' names!

Thank You
Petros Shoujounian

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Odzuni hour

Performer: Jean Laurendeau ondes Solo

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Odzuni hour
Horovele (1979)

Jean-Guy Boisvert, clarinet.

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Lui pour nous
Lui pour nous (1983)

Organ solo.
Performer: Philip Crozier, organ solo

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Lui pour nous
Les pistes des jours (1978)

Piano solo.
Performer: Pierre Jasmin, piano solo

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Monologue II (1985)

Guitar solo.
Performer: Avaro Pierri, guitar solo.

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Pistes des jours
Suite vocal (1981)

For colorature soprano and piano.
Performers: Jeanine Lachance soprano ; Pierre Jasmin piano

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Composer's Note: This suite, for soprano (coloratura) and piano, is the first one I composed in Armenia before moving to Canada in 1972. Almost a decade later (in 1981), I composed two other vocal suites in Montreal. At the time this suite was composed, Armenian poet Paruyr Sevak was a very popular intellectual personality, and his innovative, revolutionary poetry was well familiar to anyone living in Armenia. In this lyrical suite marked with numerous emotional moments, I have focused on three of Sevak’s short works with love themes..