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Six Cello Duos

Six Cello Duos
Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall Petros Shoujounian

Six Cello Duos
David Voskanyan   cello
David Pitchikyan   cello
Recording produced by Sergey Umroyan

The deep sound of the cello is what the public loves the most in concerts. Bach’s ‘’Partitas’’ are ‘’one instrument symphonies.’’ It’s so powerful. As soon as the musician puts the bow on the instrument, its rich sound grabs you and you’re in a meditative session. This is the distinctive quality of the cello. Handel 0p.2 no 8 and Haydn Cello Duos are both beautiful. I especially like “Barriere Sonata for Two Cellos.” Hence, after a long reflection, I decided to put two cellos together and write a free counterpoint for this fascinating instrument. You’ll find intense melodies merging between the two cellos and you’ll hold your breath until the end of the piece. I have six pieces for two cellos, all of them not too long, but still very challenging for the musicians. Petros Shoujounian

Petros Shoujounian,

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