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Odzuni hour

Performer: Jean Laurendeau ondes Solo

Odzuni hour
Horovele (1979)

Jean-Guy Boisvert, clarinet.

Lui pour nous
Lui pour nous (1983)

Organ solo.
Performer: Philip Crozier, organ solo

Lui pour nous
Les pistes des jours (1978)

Piano solo.
Performer: Pierre Jasmin, piano solo

Monologue II (1985)

Guitar solo.
Performer: Avaro Pierri, guitar solo.

Pistes des jours
Suite vocal (1981)

For colorature soprano and piano.
Performers: Jeanine Lachance soprano ; Pierre Jasmin piano

Composer's Note: This suite, for soprano (coloratura) and piano, is the first one I composed in Armenia before moving to Canada in 1972. Almost a decade later (in 1981), I composed two other vocal suites in Montreal. At the time this suite was composed, Armenian poet Paruyr Sevak was a very popular intellectual personality, and his innovative, revolutionary poetry was well familiar to anyone living in Armenia. In this lyrical suite marked with numerous emotional moments, I have focused on three of Sevak’s short works with love themes..